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What is a Jungian Analyst?

An analyst offers psychotherapy and/or psychoanalysis to help people who are in distress or have emotional problems, to treat disturbances in a person's capacity to relate harmoniously to others, to resolve their unconscious conflicts, to develop a better equilibrium or balance of one's needs and external demands, to develop a greater awareness and realistic sense of self and others, to develop their individuality. 

Jungian Analyst-in-training

Jungian Analysis is face-to-face in-depth psychoanalysis and counselling in the Jungian tradition. I'm a Jungian Analyst-in-training and therefore my clinical work with patients and clients is closely supervised by senior training analysts.

My approach aims to facilitate a meaningful and conscious relationship with oneself, with others, and with our society. Treatment engages a broad range of symptoms and moods, anxiety and depression, issues of identity, past and existing life circumstances, current difficulties and aspirations, and unconscious fantasies and dreams. Working creatively with all aspects of psychological and emotional patterns fosters awareness and change as one comes to terms with limits and potentials.

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