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#JungianBitsofInformation is a Jungian psychosocial and psychoanalytic blog, podcast, individual and workplace transformation service dedicated to exploring the unconscious in the workplace, specifically, the dynamics between the individual psyche and the workplace. 

Bringing an 'irrational' perspective into the rational workplace.

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Nicholas Toko

About Me

Organizational Effectiveness Consultant and

Jungian Analyst-in-training 

Hello and welcome to my website. I'm Nicholas from London in the United Kingdom. I'm a freelance Organizational Effectiveness Consultant. I help organisations to develop and transform their people, business processes, organisational structure and technology, specifically, using Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs).


I graduated with a first degree in International Business Studies and Spanish from Brunel University. I have a masters degree in Jungian and post-Jungian Studies from the University of Essex, and a postgraduate qualification in Human Resource Management from the University of Westminster and completed an Artificial Intelligence Programme at Said Business School, University of Oxford.

I am a Jungian Analyst-in-training and Diploma Candidate at ISAPZurich also known as the International School of Analytical Psychology based in Zurich, Switzerland. I provide Jungian analysis under the auspices of training at ISAPZurich and this encompasses the requirement to conduct the analysis under the supervision of recognised ISAP supervisors.

I am a Board Member of the British Association of Psychological Type (BAPT), qualified by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to administer personality and ability tests and give feedback. I am also qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Big Five Personality, Factor or Aspects Test, Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI) and other personality assessments and give feedback. 

What is a Jungian Analyst?

An analyst offers psychotherapy and analysis to help people who are in distress or have emotional problems, to treat disturbances in a person's capacity to relate harmoniously to others, to resolve their unconscious conflicts, to develop a better equilibrium or balance of one's needs and external demands, to develop a greater awareness and realistic sense of self and others, to develop their individuality. Ultimately, the aim is to modify the personality for healthier state of being. 

I am interested in applying Jungian analytical psychology, not just in the therapeutic process, but also in a psychosocial context, specifically; to explore individuals and organisations-in depth. Given the importance of the unconscious in a Jungian therapeutic process, I also want to explore the role of the unconscious in the workplace, specifically the dynamics between an individual's unconscious and the workplace.

Jungian Analysis is face-to-face in-depth psychoanalysis and counselling in the Jungian tradition. My clinical work with patients and clients is closely supervised by senior training analysts. My approach aims to facilitate a meaningful, conscious and transformative relationship with oneself, with others, and with our society. Treatment engages a broad range of symptoms and moods, anxiety and depression, past and existing life circumstances, current difficulties and aspirations, achieving internal and external goals, unconscious fantasies and dreams. Working creatively with all aspects of psychological and emotional patterns fosters awareness and change as one comes to terms with limits and potentials. 


I have always been curious about the psyche, unconscious, personality and organisations. This curiosity led me to a career in Human Resources where I had an opportunity to see how individuals interact in the workplace and how the dynamics contribute to, or impede, business success.

When I started to study Jungian Psychology, I discovered a unique perspective on individual behaviour, how the unconscious manifests in people, and its effect on the effectiveness of the organisation. I have also seen how Jungian psychotherapy can help an individual to overcome emotional difficulties and achieve a sense of wellbeing.

I started #JungianBitsofInformation because I saw a unique opportunity to bring Jungian and organisational effectiveness theory together. Both theories combine to provide thought provoking insight into, and potential solutions to resolve, common individual and workplace problems.

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Why I started #JungianBitsofInformation

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Jungian analytical psychology is a broad and complex subject; it can be difficult to understand it's application and the insights derived from an analysis of an individual. I want to present Jungian ideas in a way that helps individuals to better understand their personality, and to help organisations gain a new perspective of common workplace issues. 

The idea of my blog is to analyse personality and workplace issues from a uniquely Jungian or analytical psychology perspective. I stumbled across 'bits of information' as a vague idea that I wanted to convey vast knowledge and information through shortened thought provoking insights. A 'bit' (insight) in information theory is the smallest unit of information in which there is sufficient discrimination to communicate anything (Jungian knowledge and information) at all.

The hashtag# symbolises the search handle on social media. By typing a key word preceded by a hashtag# within a search field, the results will show any information relevant to the key word. The hashtag# is a useful way to filter a large body of information for the specific information that you are looking for. 

#JungianBitsofInformation acts in the similar way. It distils Jungian theory so you don’t have to. Each blog will give you specific Jungian information relevant to the topic being analysed.


The encirclement of the hashtag# also has significance. According to Jungian psychology, a circle is a sign of "wholeness". Wholeness is the ultimate goal of personality transformation. The process of transformation involves an in-depth exploration of one's personality, psychological type and underlying patterns of behaviour. This can bring a sense of wholeness in the individual i.e. a new attitude and vitality.


Why read or listen to my blog or podcast? What's in it for you?

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My aim is to help you better understand yourself consciously and unconsciously and to leverage the gifts of your personality for personal or business success.

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My blog might be of interest to individuals interested in Jungian or psychoanalytic and psychosocial ideas, individuals seeking therapy or counselling, organisations, business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders, HR and OD practitioners, organisational transformation practitioners, line managers, AI scientists and engineers, Jungian analysts, psychoanalysts and psychologists.

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Whether you are interested in your personal development or workplace transformation there will be something for you. A blog, podcast, personality assessment, psychoanalysis, counselling or unique expertise to transform your workplace. 

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