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Workplace Transformation: HR and Business Transformation

I'm a freelance consultant and interim with significant experience of organizational effectiveness focusing on people, process, structure, culture and technology.


My strengths lie in implementing improvement and transformation initiatives which aim to improve service delivery, contribute to organizational performance and culture change, work effectively with leaders, managers, and other stakeholders to address people challenges, and to deliver effective, high-quality solutions,

I've significant experience in a wide range of roles as an HR generalist and specialist. Developing and executing HR strategy, HR transformation, managing restructures and reorganisations, change management, managing TUPE transfers, mergers and acquisitions. 

My consulting experience includes leadership assessment, facilitation of leadership and management workshops and away days, process mapping, business case development, organisation design, target operating models, shared services, culture diagnostics.

Significant experience in change management, specifically, in ERP system implementation. New services include Artificial Intelligence policy development and ethical frameworks. 

UK and international experience. 

What is Workplace Transformation? 


My approach to workplace transformation combines methods of organizational effectiveness with Jungian analytical psychology. An effective workplace aligns its people, processes, structure and technology; people who have reached an understanding of their psyche, using their psychological self-awareness to make a success of their working life, working with creative and dynamic processes in a flexible and adaptable organization structure supported by modern and ever evolving technology.

Why transform the workplace?

People in harmony with themselves and others contributes to a harmonious workplace = productive and profitable company. If you create the conditions for your people to discover who they are, you also enable a parallel process of transformation in the workplace. 

How can I help you transform the workplace?


Organizational Effectiveness

I can help you explore the four main building blocks of an effective workplace; your people, processes, organisation structure and technology. I use my expertise in Jungian analytical psychology to provide organisations with a way of ensuring their people work together as effectively as possible. I use a range of psychometric tools and insight to help you overcome a variety of common business issues, unlocking the potential of your workforce. 

Or perhaps you're looking to have a chat about how to address bureaucracy in your workplace, thinking about introducing Artificial Intelligence or to automate your processes in your workplace, or tackling resistance to change?

​I am a certified Shared Services Practitioner (SSPrac™) by Shared Services Architecture, qualified PRINCE2 Project Manager and Lean Practitioner. I am a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) certified to administer Ability and Personality Assessments. I am also certified to administer MBTI, Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI) and Pearson TalentLens SOSIE Personality Assessments. I am also certified to evaluate jobs using the Hay Job Evaluation Methodology and GLPC Job Evaluation Scheme. I am an associate member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Chartered Institute for IT and a member of the European Organisation Design Forum (EODF) and British Association of Psychological Type (BAPT).

Artificial Intelligence

I also completed an Artificial Intelligence Programme at Said Business School, University of Oxford focusing on the AI eco system, AI and Machine Learning: Understanding the black box, Understanding Deep Learning and neural networks, Working with intelligent machines in the workplace and its impact on the workforce and labour market, the ethics of AI: legal and ethical considerations around AI, How to drive AI in your business: identify the potential business opportunity for AI in your business. 

BPS Test User Occupational Personality (Level A)
BPS Test User Occupational Personality (Level B)
BPS Test User Ability and Personality
SOSIE Personality Assessment Qualification

Contact me for a free, confidential, no commitment chat to see whether I can help you or your organization or business. 


What types of personality exist in your workplace? Do the personalities contribute to, or impede business success?  

  • HR

    • Interim​ Service Delivery

    • Consulting [Employee Relations, Reward, Resourcing, Strategy]

  • Personality Assessment

    • Recruitment and Selection

    • Personal Impact: Identify and explore Personality Type

    • Unlocking the Feeling Function to harmonise workplaces

    • Predict Job Performance and Culture Fit

    • Personality Trait and Values

    • Career Orientation

    • Communication and Influence

    • Decision making

    • Team Development

    • Building Trust

    • Leadership Style and Development

    • Stress Management

    • Personal Resilience: Recognise and own individual needs during change

    • Personal Resilience: Strategies to equip individuals to cope and thrive during change and transition

    • Stimulate recognition and appreciation of differences

    • Effects of Personality Type in the Workplace

    • Healthcare Professionals: Improve communication and flex care style to increase patient satisfaction 

    • Personality and Retention


How do you design business processes which unlock your people's creativity and innovation? 

  • Process Mapping

    • Lean Methodology

  • Job Analysis and Profiling

    • Hay Job Evaluation Methodology

    • GLPC Job Evaluation 

  • Change Management

  • Workforce Planning​​


How do you design an organisation that values the role of the personality/psychological type or unconscious in the success of your business? 

  • Mapping the Organizational Psyche

    • Plot your Organisation's Conscious and Unconscious Psyche​

    • Pitfalls, or What's Not Working?

    • Pathways, or Moving Towards Organizational Effectiveness or Transformation

    • Plotting Your Leadership and Management Psyche

    • System Stewardship Survey™

    • Archetypal Leadership Styles Survey™

    • Archetypes of Family Culture™

  • Organization Design

    • Redesign​

    • Tests for Best Fit

    • Tests to Ensure a Good Design

    • Action Plan and Evaluation

  • Shared Services

    • Collaborative Leadership

    • Building Trust and Shared Vision

    • Drafting Business Cases

    • Innovation and Design

    • Transforming to the New Service

    • Operate and Improve the New Service

  • Target Operating Models​​

  • HR Transformation

    • Audits

    • Assessments

    • Readiness for Transformation

    • Design​

    • Build​

    • Implement

    • Transition

  • Job Analysis and Profiling

    • Hay Job Evaluation Methodology

    • GLPC Job Evaluation

  • PRINCE2 Project Management

  • Change Management

  • Business Analysis

    • Analysis of the Current State​

    • Define the Future State

    • Assess Risks

    • Determine Change Strategy

    • Create a Business Case


What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the personality of the individual?  

  • Artificial Intelligence

    • Build a business case for its implementation​

    • Conceptual understanding of machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and algorithms

    • Develop an informed opinion about AI and its social and ethical implications

    • Help you to make relevant predictions for its future trajectory

  • Implementation of HR software and systems

  • Automation of HR processes

  • Impact analysis, and benefits realisation of, HR automation, AI and robotics on people

  • PRINCE2 Project Management

  • Change Management


My blog explores common workplace issues such as conflict, discrimination, bureaucracy, automation AI and robotics, resistance to change, organisation design, personality development and psychological development. I explore organisations and people-in depth to re-imagine ways of transforming the workplace.

Partnership with Ingentis

I have partnered with Ingentis org.manager as a blogger for their Innovation Blog looking at trends, ideas and innovations in organizational design & effectiveness and HR data analytics & automated org charts. 

Ingentis Innovation Blog

Follow my blog or feel free to get in touch to see how Jungian analytical psychology can help you to develop your people, organization or business. 


Things Happen.

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