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AI v the Unconscious - what do they have in common?

What does Computer Science and Psychoanalysis have in common?

#JungianBitsofInformation blog series, AI v the Unconscious seeks to find answers to this compelling question. The Computer Scientist and Psychoanalyst both seek to resolve complex problems using machines and the psyche respectively. The Computer Scientist grapples with data, the Psychoanalyst with emotional problems. Both seek to find the #Singularity - for Scientists, it is the point at which machines become truly intelligent: the ultimate algorithm and for Psychoanalysts, it is the #Self: the archetypal image of an individual's fullest potential and the unity of the personality as a whole, a unifying principle within the human psyche.

An Algorithm in a Machine v Unifying Principle in the Psyche? Which one will win the race? Share your thoughts with me as I explore AI and it's implications in the workplace and for the psychoanalytic practice, and what can Jungian psychology tell us about our human motivations for AI?

In the latest #JungianBitsofInformation Motivational Reading list, check out Jungian Analysis edited by renowned Jungian Analyst Murray Stein and Perceptrons by AI pioneers Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert. Both give an insight into machine learning and the psychoanalytic process respectively and symbolised by the strikingly similar images on the cover of both books.

I'm currently enrolled at the University of Oxford's #ArtificialIntelligence Programme better understand AI, its potential for business and the opportunities for its implementation. AI implementation will be a new service offering to #JungianBitsofInformation clients.

Register on the site and be the first to hear more about this future service and to read the latest blog in the series, AI v the Unconscious.

#JungianBitsofInformation a blog, podcast and individual and workplace transformation service dedicated to exploring the unconscious in the workplace, specifically, the dynamics between the individual psyche and the workplace. Bringing an irrational perspective into the rational workplace.


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