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American Tension

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The tension in the US! If you follow #JungianBitsofInformation you might be familiar with the "Pairs of Opposites" a Jungian psych. concept playing itself out in a polarised US election. Biden or Trump? The Pairs of Opposites are two highly polarised, irreconcilable things which create a tension as a result of their opposing dynamics. The incompleteness of vote counting is raising tensions akin to the same tension or chaos an individual experiences, for example, in a depression or anxious state. However, should the individual remain patient and withstand the tension, a third and yet unknown thing will emerge to unite the Pairs of Opposites within. This eliminates the inner conflict and tension leading to a transformation of the personality; a resilient character. The US election will not lead to a third thing, one of the Pairs of Opposites, Biden or Trump, will emerge as President but the tension from the Pairs of Opposites, the disunity of the US, continues until a third, yet unknown thing emerges to unite all political leanings.

What is the impact of a transformed personality in the workplace? How do you transform the individual? What impact does a transformed individual have on the effectiveness of an organisation? #JungianBitsofInformation explores these questions and more


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