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Bureaucracy and the Workplace

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The General Services Administration (GSA) is a US govt. body who manage property and procurement services for federal agencies. The GSA's unwillingness to sign off the transition to a new Presidential administration is a masterclass in bureaucracy; a common and unrelenting obstacle faced by those attempting to transform organisations, and in my experience, no amount of change methodologies can thwart the Bureaucrat from impeding progress.

Bureaucracy and the Workplace was the focus of a #JungianBitsofInformation article in which I explore the psyche of the Bureaucrat blocking efforts to modernise. I think the threat of the Bureaucrat's unconscious attitude is underestimated, and more prevalent in the public sector but there is hope! The NHS has valiantly addressed bureaucracy as a consequence of Covid19. It takes self-awareness and a crisis for the Bureaucrat to face reality and let new ideas emerge.

#JungianBitsofInformation a blog dedicated to exploring the unconscious in the workplace, specifically, the dynamics between the individual psyche and the workplace.


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