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Conferences, Complexes and the Inferior Function

#JungianBitsofInformation is in beautiful Ascona, Switzerland for the Eranos and Monte Verita Conference - Jung's Red Book for our Time: Searching for Soul in the 21st Century A fascinating programme of lectures promoted by PacificaGraduateInstitute

In the latest #JungianBitsofInformation blog and podcast out next Monday, I'll share some thoughts about the discussions at the conference. The latest in the blog series, 'What's it like to train as an Analyst?' will explore the Jung's infamous Word Association Test and it's uncanny ability to bring awareness to one's Complexes including my own (!) and in my latest podcast, I'll explore the Inferior Function with Sonia Ouertani-Starkey. Register at #JungianBitsofInformation and be the first to read or listen to my latest blog or podcast.

#JungianBitsofInformation a blog, podcast and individual and workplace transformation dedicated to exploring the unconscious in the workplace, specifically, the dynamics between the individual psyche and the workplace.



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