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Do you believe in meaningful coincidences, synchronicities or destiny?

Waiting in line last week Thursday morning to pay a late [and unfair] fee and administration charge for my residency permit No Time To Die is out this week in Zurich and a new friend asked me whether I would like to go with her to the Zurich Film Festival and watch it this evening. The film was on my mind for a few days prior and quite a few promotional posters around the city.

Jung developed the concept of 'Synchronicity' as 'an acausal connecting principle' i.e when two unrelated events coincide with each other but has a psychologically meaningful significance for the individual. Many people experience meaningful coincidences or have detected some purposeful trend in their affairs. What impact does 'Synchronicity' have in the workplace? Perhaps you left or joined a new company or contributed to your company's unexpected high profit margin because of a 'Synchronistic' event?

My latest blog 'What's it like to train as an Analyst? is out now [available in EN, DE, FR]

I share my experience and explain how you can run an effective workplace by adopting analytical psychology concepts to resolve common workplace problems. Allowing 'Synchronicity' in your workplace can be a great way to unlock creativity and innovation = organisational effectiveness.



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