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#JungianBitsofInformation has moved!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I've been commuting to Zurich from London for some years now, first to clock up the hours of psychoanalysis required before I can train as a Jungian Analyst, the occasional trek up a Swiss mountain and I soon started training in the autumn of 2019. The pandemic put a temporary halt to my training but post Brexit residence permit in hand, I've relocated to Zürich where the #JungianBitsofInformation blog, blogcast and transformation services will be based, the birthplace of analytical psychology, to focus on my training but I'll continue to provide transformation services to individuals and organisations in the UK.

#JungianBitsofInformation blog, blogcast and transformation services is now located in Uetlibergstrasse on the foothills of the Uetliberg; a mountain in the Swiss plateau rising to 870m offering beautiful panoramic views of the city of Zürich, Lake Zürich and the Alps. To kick off the launch of #JungianBitsofInformation in Zürich, I am thrilled to have entered an exciting collaboration with Audiodub who use AI to add audio to blogs and websites in more than 20 languages. #JungianBitsofInformation has partnered with Audiodub to add audio to my blogs about AI in the workplace. In a previous blog,, I explored the impact of AI in the workplace. You can now listen to this blog courtesy of Audiodub’s AI capabilities.

In my next blog, in collaboration with Audiodub, I'll compare the capabilities of the Unconscious and AI. AI is cognitive technology which aims to mimic human intelligence and outperform human capabilities. The Unconscious is a part of the human psyche, a deep interior part of the mind which contains our potential for personal transformation, creativity and instinct. My interest in AI is driven by a psychological question. What does AI mean for our instincts? If AI replaces our cognitive abilities, what does this mean for employees in the workplace? Register at and be the first to hear when my next blog is published.

#JungianBitsofInformation a blog dedicated to exploring the unconscious in the workplace, specifically, the dynamics between the individual psyche and the workplace.



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