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Psychoanalysis in the workplace

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I was pleasantly surprised to see the cover of the latest ed. of People Management in my mailbox today. The symbolic image of the psychoanalytic couch peaked my interest. Does the #CIPD see the benefit of psychoanalysis in the workplace? How does the CIPD see employers using psychoanalytic practices to support their employees' mental health? With these questions in mind, I read the article with anticipation but I found the symbolic image does not reflect the solutions presented in the article. The Office for National Statistics found that the rate of depression in adults doubled during June compared to at the start of lockdown with financial worries ranking highly on the list of factors influencing symptoms. Sure enough, the solutions proposed to employers and HR are practical and very helpful, to an extent. Psychoanalytic solutions go further by enabling a transformational change in an individual during a period of crisis. The changes are long lasting, builds resilience and sparks an unexpected and creative response to the crisis by the individual which transcends their day to day worries.

How does psychoanalysis help employers to manage #mentalhealth in the workplace? Follow the #JungianBitsofInformation blog to find out more.



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