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Technology in the Workplace and Covid19

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Reading the special ed. of HRM Magazine you could be forgiven for thinking the HR profession is on the cusp of a major tech. revolution. The hallucinatory visions of "HR Guru" Dave Ulrich take centre stage as he predicts the future of HR and proclaims "the best is yet to come". While having lunch with a friend yesterday I had my own hallucination as I contemplated the restaurant menu. Covid19 paved the way for contact-less menu, ordering and payment by scanning a QR code. I found myself plunged into the role of a manager who scans an HR-QR code on their mobile phone, eliminating the need for a labyrinthine HR intranet, I carried out an HR transaction without logging into a complex IT system and I got on with my busy job without spending huge amounts of time on HR processes. Restaurants responded to Covid19 in real time. Pre and post Covid19, HR lags behind in a perpetual anticipatory state of change - why? Tucked away in the depths of Ulrich's vision is an important clue - upgrade HR individuals.

How does the psychology of the individual or group impede organisational effectiveness or business success? #JungianBitsofInformation explores this question and more.


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