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The Evolution of HR Technology

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The European Organisation Design Forum #EODF Conference was very interesting. The theme - Surfing Disruption: designing sustainable organisations - led to fascinating presentations from org design practitioners describing how they surfed the current tidal wave of disruption - Covid19 - by enabling their organisation to quickly adapt to a new way of being. I was also excited to see my own views shared by many about the future of the workplace: the coming of AI and digitisation of "everything" but I ponder a follow up question: what does AI mean for the individual psyche in the workplace? I couldn't agree more with one of the presenter's slide showing the evolution of HR technology. Many HR functions still operate using file cabinets, excel and PowerPoint. HR practitioners remain desk-bound producing large volumes of data on paper, excel, PowerPoint instead of leveraging technology so they can focus their time and energy helping organisations to better understand human behaviour in the workplace e.g. what makes people tick, what motivates them, how does a team function effectively or dys-functionally.

Why does HR remain paper-bound? #JungianBitsofInformation explores these questions.


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