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The Unconscious in the Workplace: The Feeling Function and Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

What role has the #FeelingFunction played in the development of AI? Check out the presentation to find out how the historical development of AI was negatively impacted by a dysfunctional feeling function at a British societal level.

Thanks again to StillPoint community members and guests for joining me in this talk hosted by StillPoint as part of their Psychology at Work event series. This is a recording of the presentation and does not include the talk.

During this presentation on the unconscious in the workplace, we will devote special attention to the #FeelingFunction (a concept from Jungian analytical psychology) and artificial intelligence (often referred to as the new electricity).

AI will transform our personal and working lives for many years to come, creating $13 trillion dollars’ worth of value by 2030, $267 billion dollars in healthcare services alone.

The concept of the Feeling Function and creativity of AI have origins in the human psyche and inevitably, at least from a psychoanalytic & psychosocial perspective, the unconscious, has a role to play in rehabilitating the feeling function for our very modern, logical, rational, thinking workplace, and also shape how AI is deployed in organizations.

AI is expected to fundamentally change the workplace which may lead to some interesting opportunities for psychotherapists.

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