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What's it like to train as an Analyst?

In-person meetings with a new client, I collected more of my personal things and I even managed to see some of my network on this trip home. #JungianBitsofInformation blog is back after a brief summer hiatus due to the relocation to Zürich and after an even longer hiatus from my training due to the pandemic, I make an exciting return to training as a Jungian Analyst at Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie Zürich What's it like to train as an analyst? Check out my next blog as I reflect on my lectures and seminars this autumn and explore how analytical psychology can help organisations and individuals to thrive!

#JungianBitsofInformation a blog, blogcast and individual and workplace transformation service dedicated to exploring the unconscious in the workplace, specifically, the dynamics between the individual psyche and the workplace.

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