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#JBOI collaboration with the Gifts Compass Inventory

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Is there a business case for understanding your own and others' personality and why?

Your personality can enable or impede business success, consciously or unconsciously. According to Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, there are seven types of intelligence including #interpersonal (the capacity to respond to the affects of other people with discernment and skill) and #intrapersonal intelligence (the capacity to assess and discriminate between your affects and draw on them to guide your behaviour).

Source: Gardner's Seven Intelligences, Oxford University AI Programme.

A framework for understanding both intelligences is the Gifts Compass Inventory .

#JungianBitsofInformation is collaborating with the GCI in a new podcast - The Gifts Compass Podcast. The inaugural podcast is available on both of our platforms and

Join the lead architect of the GCI James Johnston, self awareness and mental health fitness coach Anne-Liis Lääne-Sáez and I as we explore the interpersonal and intrapersonal impact of the psyche in the workplace and in social life giving you tips for raising your self-awareness and to better understand others for personal or business success.


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