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The unconscious is an untapped source of personal transformation, it can help you to improve your resilience, better understand yourself and others, develop more effective personal and work-based relationships, find creative solutions to long-standing problems and a source of inspiration, knowledge and wisdom.

The unseen and unknown unconscious dynamics can also have unintended and less constructive, even damaging, consequences for you, the people around you

and the workplace. Getting to know your unconscious self can help to address emotional issues and improve your relationships with others. 

I explore the following topics from a Jungian analytical psychology perspective:


What's it like to train as an Analyst? What is Jungian Psychology?

How to Resolve Workplace Conflict Using The Feeling Function

Personality Type and Bureaucracy 

The Impact of Automation, AI and Robotics on the Personality. The future of the Individual at Work

Personality Type and Resistance To Change

Personality Type and Transformation 

Designing Organisations That Enable Individual and Organisational Transformation

Individual Psychological Development in the Workplace

Personality and Managerial Leadership Style

The Individual Psyche: The Conscious and Unconscious Realm

Personality or Psychological Types

The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche

The Organisational Psyche: The Conscious and Unconscious Realm

◦ Becoming Whole: Personality Transformation

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